New data release Amsterdam

Last year, Amsterdam and Airbnb announced a new pioneering agreement to promote responsible and sustainable home sharing and combat illegal hotels. In order to effectively tackle illegal hotels and housing concerns, Airbnb introduced on 1 March 2017 automated limits to help ensure entire home listings are not shared for more than 60 days a year, unless hosts confirm they have a proper licence.

Today we are releasing data which shows our measures are working and are helping hosts to act in the best interests of Amsterdam. The number of entire homes being shared for more than 60 days has been reduced by almost two thirds compared to the same period last year.

Here is the data:

  • Today there are 18,000 active listings – entire homes, private rooms and shared rooms – available to be booked on Airbnb in Amsterdam. 79 percent of these are entire home listings and are therefore subject to the 60 day automated limit, unless they have proper authorisations (e.g. short stay licences or hotel licenses).
  • Of the entire home listings that have taken a booking already for 2017, only 5% are booked above 60 days, while only 1% of all entire homes listings are booked over 90 days. This 5% includes hosts who have confirmed they are licensed to share their entire home for over 60 days and hosts who accepted bookings over 60 days before the introduction of our automated limits. These latter hosts have now been blocked to accept further bookings this year.

  • When comparing this to the same time last year, we see that 13% of entire home listings had received bookings above 60 days, while 3% of all entire homes listings were booked over 90 days.

This shows that today, following our agreement with the City of Amsterdam, the percentage of entire homes that are being shared for over 60 days was reduced by almost two thirds compared to last year.

Helping people to act in the best interests of Amsterdam
The updated data clearly shows the effectiveness of our measures to address local housing concerns without impacting the vast majority of regular local families who occasionally share their homes. The automated limits have also been welcomed by our host community in Amsterdam as a simple and easy solution to ensure home sharing grows responsibly.

It also shows that the proposed registration system is an unnecessary administrative burden, which will boost red tape and bureaucracy for everyone and will likely not generate the results our measures are already securing.

Amsterdam would be a better place for everyone if City Hall concluded similar agreements with other accommodation platforms instead of making it harder, not easier, for people to follow the rules.

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