New home sharing rules proposed by Berlin Government



Home sharers in Berlin are celebrating today after the State Government proposed new rules to support Berliners who share their homes.

The news marks a positive shift away from rules introduced in 2014 that severely restricted the rights of regular people to share their homes and benefit from visitors to their communities.

Alexander Schwarz, General Manager for Germany, said:

“This is welcome news and a positive step forward for Berlin home sharers. Visitors to Berlin today want authentic experiences in local homes that boost the communities where they stay. We will now study this proposal and its implications for hosts and guests and are pleased to continue working with Berlin policymakers on common sense rules that fit how people live, work and travel in the 21st century.”

The news comes after the Berlin administrative court confirmed in several rulings that Berliners should be granted permits to share their homes for 182 nights a year, as home sharing does not impact the local housing market.  

A first-of-its-kind study by housing experts GEWOS also agreed that Airbnb has no significant impact on the Berlin housing market, and poll data from KANTAR Emnid shows the majority of Berliners support the right of Berliners to share their homes, and that it boosts the positive image of Berlin as an open-minded city.

Airbnb has worked with more than 300 governments around the world on fair home sharing rules that make it easier for hosts to follow the rules and share their homes responsibly. Airbnb has also worked with more than 340 jurisdictions, including Dortmund, to collect and remit tourist taxes, making it easier for hosts to pay their fair share.

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