New Orleanians Voice Their Support for Home Sharing

The City Planning Commission is currently studying the impact of short term rentals in New Orleans with an eye towards creating new rules and regulations. During this critical planning period, it’s important that the home sharing community comes together to make our stories and opinions heard. The more people who add their voice, the more city leaders learn about the real face of home sharing in New Orleans.

Hosts in New Orleans are occasionally sharing their home to stay in the City they love. As a recent Airbnb report found, 92% of listings in New Orleans are rented for less than 180 days a year. In addition, A typical host annually earns $10,900 dollars and 69% of hosts use the income generated from Airbnb to pay things such as their rent or mortgage.

Already, dozens of hosts and residents of New Orleans have shared their stories with the City Planning Commision in New Orleans to let them know why they support home sharing. Below are a few amazing examples that truly illustrate how home sharing brings big benefits to every day New Orleanians, neighborhoods, and small businesses:

“I can now consider part-time in-home care for my elderly mother who also lives with me. Airbnb has made these things possible: I can plan a future, whereas before Airbnb I was living paycheck to paycheck and could not get ahead. I’ll say it again: absolutely every cent of the money I am making goes or will go directly into local businesses of one type of another–from tradespeople, to a local car dealership, to a local nursing agency. Furthermore, my experience as a host has been extraordinary: my guests have been respectful, fun-loving, smart, curious, adventurous, forward-thinking people who are spending their dollars in the small businesses I point them to. My guests wax lyrical about my personal recommendations, so I go to sleep at night knowing that I’m helping other local, small business owners in my neighborhood. It’s been a terrifically symbiotic experience all around, so I ask the City of New Orleans to invest in us, those hosts like me, who came back when nothing was certain, who invested when money was scarce and the future’s outlook was bleak.” – Jessica

“Our guests are from all over the country, and all of them leave delighted with the city, its food and culture. In fact, because they spend their time in the city, they are rarely home as most of them leave early in the morning and often don’t return until late that afternoon or evening. Guests have shared that seeing the city through the eyes of a neighborhood brings a new perspective to what it means to live in New Orleans.” – Christa

“What drew me to the idea of renting more frequently was mostly financial, to be honest. I was able to pay down student debt and improve my house with the money that came in from hosting on Airbnb. But additionally, I take great pride in providing a first-class experience to visitors to our city, many of whom are coming for the first time. I believe that hosts like myself, through the platform Airbnb provides, have been able to create a new economic engine that is drawing new visitors, more attention, and more spending to our wonderful city. I hope that your decisions will allow hosting on Airbnb to not only continue, but to flourish.” – Colin

What they shared will no doubt affect new home sharing laws, and we cannot thank everyone enough for lending their voice to this cause. And the good news is, it’s not too late to join in. You can voice your own public comment until January 18. Submit your own public comment today and let’s keep this momentum going!