New Orleans Louisiana

Home sharing in the Crescent City can be one of the world’s richest and most vibrant personal experiences. Airbnb offers a means for New Orleans residents to earn a little extra income as they rebuild their finances after Hurricane Katrina and the economic downturn.  Through visitors and business travelers, home sharing spreads money to the local economy and small businesses just waiting to be discovered.

478,000 Inbound guest arrivals

70% of hosts say hosting has helped them afford to stay in their homes

57% of hosts are female

Airbnb host Brenda shares her second home, where she raised her family, to earn retirement income

Airbnb host Brenda warmly welcomes guests to her second home in the Gentilly neighborhood. Brenda was born and raised in New Orleans and is proud to introduce travelers from all over the world to her house and city. “I’ve lived here all of my 66 years and I’ve owned this property for 32 years,” she says.

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Meet Brad and Bret, New Orleans residents who restored a historic home to live in and share with visitors

Meet Brad and Bret, New Orleans residents and Airbnb hosts who love sharing their community with visitors. Bret was born and raised in Louisiana, and Brad is from Washington D.C. After several years living in the nation’s capital, the couple moved to the Pelican State five years ago.

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New Orleans host Connie welcomes visitors from around the world to share her extra apartment

Connie and her husband have been sharing their space with guests for years, even before they learned about Airbnb. The flexibility of a short-term rental allows Connie’s brother to visit and because of the small kitchen and basic amenities, wouldn’t otherwise be used as a long-term rental. “It’s meant for someone to come here for a few days a week,” says Connie.

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Report: Airbnb helps the Louisiana creative community pursue careers in the arts

Through Airbnb’s 2017 internal survey of hosts and guests*, we found that one in 10 Airbnb Home hosts identify themselves as members of the creative community. The rate is slightly higher in the State of Louisiana, where more than one in 10 Airbnb Home hosts (14%) identify as members of the creative community.

Hosting provides creatives with a reliable source of extra income that can help them afford the more uneven stream of income from pursuing their artistic professions.

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Mother and daughter turn to home sharing to welcome guests and maintain their family home

Meet Vilna and Lois: longtime New Orleans residents and passionate Airbnb co-hosts. The mother and daughter duo host guests on Airbnb in a separate apartment right next to Vilna’s primary residence in New Orleans’ 7th Ward that’s been in their family for over 20 years.

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New Orleans passes landmark home sharing legislation

New Orleans joining the ranks of leading global cities that have worked to protect the right of everyday citizens to share their homes to make a little extra money.

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Home sharing benefits local businesses

On September 15th, over 150 members of New Orleans’ home sharing community came together for a host-organized meetup at The Courtyard Brewery, a popular local pub, for a night of networking, learning and, most importantly, face time with fellow home sharers.

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Get local, get involved. Home Sharing Clubs are a place for hosts to connect with each other, serve their communities and support fair home sharing legislation.