New Poll: Berlin Millennials Value Airbnb and Call for Clear Rules

TNS Emnid recently conducted a representative poll, commissioned by Airbnb, of more than 800 Millennials (age 17-35) in Berlin. The poll’s results showed:

  • Almost three quarters (71 percent) say home sharing services like Airbnb are good
  • Most of the persons interviewed (81 percent) agree that home sharing makes additional income possible for hosts
  • Three out of four (76 percent) agree that guests can benefit from unique city experience through home sharing
  • The vast majority (68 percent) say that a precise legal framework in favor of home sharing is necessary

Alex Schwarz, General Manager for Airbnb in DACH, said:

Millennials represent almost a quarter of the German population. They value innovations like Airbnb, the economic and social benefits they bring and want rules to keep up. Our platform is growing because it represents the way people live, work and travel in the 21st century. We seek to work together with the city of Berlin as we do with many other cities around the world to develop jointly a modern, responsible and clear legal framework which enables home sharing and clearly distinguishes it from in Berlin unwelcome commercial operators in residential homes.

Today’s poll data follows another poll, commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by TNS Emnid, that shows that according to the vast majority of Berliners the housing law will not increase housing availability. You can read more about the poll here.

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