New poll reveals Dublin residents support home sharing

A recent poll conducted by David Binder Research shows Dublin residents are very much in favour of home sharing and are keen for residents across Dublin to celebrate their Irish hospitality by opening their doors to guests from all over the world. These findings support Airbnb’s work towards new clear and fair housing rules in Ireland to ensure residents in Dublin can continue opening their homes in the city. Here are the key takeaways:

Support for Home Sharing
The results show that three out of four (73%) residents support people’s right to home share on Airbnb in Dublin while 51 percent of respondents believe that Airbnb is good for the city.  Furthermore, over 60 percent of Dublin residents hold favourable views of Airbnb (61%) in their city.

Views on allowing Airbnb in Dublin

Views on Airbnb

Views on Airbnb’s impact in Dublin

Value to the local economy
69 percent of all Dublin respondents believe that Airbnb provides an economic benefit to communities where hosts live in Dublin. Almost all of Dublin respondents (85%) recognised the importance of keeping Dublin a warm and welcoming city through connecting locals with visitors. 74 percent of Dublin residents support that Airbnb is bringing visitors who spend money at local businesses across all of the city instead of only in the touristy areas like central Dublin.

Believe Airbnb provides an economic benefit for Dublin

Want fair, light-touch regulation
Nearly two thirds of Dublin respondents support allowing residents to share their homes with visitors  with only some restrictions and the majority of respondents (57%) supported placing a limit of 180 days for hosts to be able to share their home.

Views on home sharing regulation in Dublin

Views on 180-night limit on hosting across Dublin

David Binder Research conducted a survey of 500 residents of Dublin who were recruited from online panels with online surveys in January 2018.

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