New Poll: Singapore Supports Home Sharing

Last week, we shared news from Singapore, where the government has asked local residents for their views on home sharing. This is an exciting opportunity for our community to share their stories and explain how home sharing is helping them to stay in their homes, afford rising living costs and prepare for retirement.

Today, we’re highlighting new survey data that shows that Singapore residents believe they should be able to temporarily rent out their homes.

According to a new representative opinion poll of Singapore residents:

  • Overall, 72 percent believe that Singaporeans should be allowed to temporarily rent out their homes, and 74 per cent believe this should also apply to spare rooms within a home when the owner is present.
  • 68 percent believe that Airbnb is a good idea and 63 per cent believe it is bringing money to local communities who wouldn’t otherwise see it. 70 percent believe Airbnb creates a new and different type of tourism.
  • 52 per cent believe that helping people afford to stay in Singapore is a convincing reason to support short-term rentals.

The citywide survey was conducted by David Binder Research at Airbnb’s request from January 30 – February 2, 2015 with a representative sample of 600 Singapore voters. All respondents are residents of Singapore. The margin of error is 4%.

This poll also revealed that the top two concerns for residents of Singapore are rising living costs (28 per cent) and low wages (22 per cent). Our community knows that home sharing can be part of the solution to these issues. They’ve seen how by providing a unique travel experience to respectful guests from across the world, they can make a little extra money that helps them stay in their homes, afford rising living costs and prepare for retirement. This is creating a new and exciting form of tourism that supports local communities and business that haven’t previously benefitted from traditional tourism.

We are pleased that the government is seeking the views of local people on home sharing and that our community has a chance to share their stories. More and more cities are embracing home sharing and implementing progressive laws. We look forward to working with the government in Singapore on rules that make it a better place to live and visit.

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