New poll: Berliners support home sharing

A year ago, the Berlin housing law was tightened and came into full effect. The law hurts regular Berliners who want to share their home to make some extra income. Home sharers do not take away housing as they live in the homes, they occasionally rent out, themselves.

We’ve released new representative polling data, conducted by the polling institute Kantar EMNID, which shows regular Berliners support responsible home sharing in Berlin. 63 percent of Berliners polled said they support home sharing — with 87 percent saying they have nothing against people sharing their homes, or can see themselves renting out their own homes to guests. 68 percent believe home sharing benefits the positive and open-minded image of Berlin.

The poll also found that Berliners do not believe home sharing is the cause of the housing shortage in Berlin. The majority of Berliners polled believe local concerns are a result of the lack of construction or the increase of people moving to Berlin.

This latest poll shows Berliners are on the side of hosts looking to share their home and provide authentic local experiences for travelers around the world. We will continue to fight on behalf of our community for fair and clear home sharing laws in Berlin.

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