New Report:

Today, we are highlighting a new report from the French think tank Terra Nova and Google France that says Airbnb spreads tourism benefits to remote communities. It urges policymakers in France to support the growth of the collaborative economy and highlights the benefits digitalisation and innovation brings to remote communities.

The report defines remote communities as places where geographies and economies are isolated from urban centres, which represents 2 percent of the French population and 10 percent of villages in France. It says:

  • Airbnb generates new economic activity – Airbnb hosts in remote communities have earned more than €10 million by sharing their homes in 2015. Airbnb hosts keep 97 cents of every euro they charge to rent their space.
  • The Airbnb community helps grow and diversify tourism – Airbnb hosts in remote communities have welcomed over 90,000 guest arrivals in 2015 alone. This has grown from 513 guests arrivals in 2012.
  • The Airbnb community helps spread the benefits of tourism – Airbnb helps guests discover communities they might have missed and spreads benefits to more families and local businesses. In 2015, 4,500 hosts were active on Airbnb in remote communities in France, spread over 1,170 villages. This has grown from 480 hosts spread over 88 cities and villages in 2013. According to the report, there are no hotels in two-thirds of the remote communities where Airbnb hosts list their space.

The report urges policymakers to:

“…support the growth of the collaborative economy in remote communities by offering stable and supportive legal frameworks. This economy improves the utilisation of underutilised shareable goods. The potential positive impacts of its development for these communities deserve specific attention from public authorities.”

Every day, we see how Airbnb boosts economic opportunities for regular people and their communities and we are proud to see how Airbnb is supporting remote communities. We want to continue working with policymakers in France and across the world so the benefits of home sharing and innovation are available for everyone.

You can read the report here.

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