New report concludes Airbnb has “no material impact” on Hawaii housing inventory

A study conducted by a leading Hawaii housing analyst finds Airbnb has “no material impact” on the state’s housing market with entire homes booked through the website representing just 1.53 percent of the statewide housing stock. Oahu bookings were even lower representing just 0.93 percent of the island’s housing inventory. The study further finds that 61 percent of all Hawaii entire home listings were only booked on an occasional basis – 60 days or fewer per year. The report also found households who occasionally rent their home on Airbnb can significantly supplement their income: a typical Airbnb listing in Hawaii earns close to $9,000 in a year, equivalent to a 12% raise for the local median household.

The report, conducted by Paul Richard (Ricky) Cassiday, Jr. for Airbnb examined the company’s listings and booking activity across the state over a year-long period (October 1, 2015 to October 1, 2016).


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