New report in Ireland illustrates that Airbnb boosts capacity and accommodates crowds during events

A new report released illustrates the positive effect hosts on Airbnb are having in Ireland. During landmark events in music venues, parks and sports arenas across the country,  Airbnb is opening up new benefits to those who use the travel platform; be they guests, new hosts or event organisers.

The report evaluates 14 case studies across Ireland, examining several data points including typical host earnings, booked listings and other guest trends, including which cities and countries represent the top destinations of origin.

Some of the highlights include:

  • How events serve as a great gateway for first-time hosts to try using the Airbnb platform by listing their spare room or home.
  • That seniors and women who host on Airbnb are two thriving segments of the community who benefit from hosting during events. For example, senior hosts represented between 7% to 19% of bookings across major events, festivals and concerts while women hosts represented 48 to 65% of those accommodating guests.
  • In Dublin last year, St.Patrick’s Day represented the event that drove the highest percentage of first-time hosts across the events assessed.

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