New Report:

Since 2009, Dublin’s home sharing community has been welcoming guests to their homes from all over the world. Last year alone, 6,100 hosts welcomed 403,500 guests to Dublin, giving them a unique and authentic travel experience.

Today, we released a report which highlights our community’s significant positive economic, social and environmental impact on the county. These benefits reach far beyond central Dublin areas such as Dublin 1 and Dublin 2, to suburban villages and neighbourhoods. The nature of Airbnb is that hosts often encourage visitors to spend time in their local area, recommending cafes, services and beauty spots, generating income for these smaller, local businesses.

Airbnb and other sharing economy businesses also encourage people to think about assets that they don’t use often, and how they can be better utilised. Our report notes that certain groups, such as retirees or those whose children have left home and only visit occasionally, are sharing a room for a few days a month on Airbnb, making extra income, and creating more spending power in their local area.

Clare, a retiree and Airbnb host in Dublin, told us:

“Hosting on Airbnb has been life transforming for me. Being retired I have time to host guests. I’ve met incredible and interesting people from all around the world. I’ve also been able to generate income which has allowed me travel and explore places I never thought I would see.”

€169M Estimated amount spent by Airbnb guests staying in Dublin

403,500 Inbound guests to Dublin

€4,900 Annual earnings for a typical host

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