New report: Overview of the Airbnb Community in Scotland

Today we launched a report highlighting the positive impact of the Airbnb community in Scotland and shows how the Airbnb community has generated £361 million of economic activity in Scotland in the last year, including an estimated £293m of guest spending and £68m earned by hosts.

Communities, local businesses and cultural venues across Scotland are feeling the benefits of Airbnb. Bringing both an increase in sustainable tourism and economic development, home sharing helps hosts, families and individual households generate a little extra income to make ends meets.

The data comes as tourism organisers from around the country gather in Glasgow today to celebrate Scottish Tourism Week. Tourism plays a major part in Scotland’s economy, with the Government hailing it as the country’s most important industry.

Ahead of the national tourism conference, Natasha Mytton Mills, Public Policy Manager for Airbnb, said:

“The Airbnb community boosts the economy in Scotland by almost £1 million a day and transforms how guests experience this great country. Guests are increasingly looking for authentic travel experiences in Scotland and we are proud to see hosts on Airbnb help grow and diversify tourism while spreading benefits to more families, communities and local businesses.”

You can read the report in full here.

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