New Rules For Home Sharing In Frankfurt

As part of a new set of rules, the City of Frankfurt am Main has recognised home sharing under law and permitted residents of the city to rent out their entire apartment for up to eight weeks a year with a permit to be granted by the City of Frankfurt.

The City of Frankfurt am Main has officially recognised home sharing with a new set of rules. In the future, residents of Frankfurt will be able to rent out individual rooms in their home for unlimited periods or to rent our their entire apartment for a total of up to eight weeks a year. However, they must first request a permit from the local Bauaufsicht (building authority), which has to be examined within  one month.

In 2017, approximately 60,000 guests came to Frankfurt am Main to stay in Airbnb accommodation. Approximately 200,000 guests traveled from Frankfurt to stay in Airbnb accommodation throughout the rest of the world.

Home sharing in Frankfurt is a popular among hosts and guests alike. In June 2017, the Hessian state parliament incorporated home sharing into the Hessian Wohnungsaufsichtsgesetz (Housing Supervision Law) and stated explicitly that the City of Frankfurt should accommodate the needs of private individuals wishing to rent out their self-occupied apartments on a regular basis for short periods by exempting them from the requirement for authorisation. It is unfortunate that the City of Frankfurt failed to comply with the recommendation of the state legislator and still chose to introduce the permit requirement stipulated in the new rules.

In the explanatory memorandum to the coalition factions, which is decisive for the interpretation of the rules, it states:

“The municipalities should in particular regulate the extent to which temporary use in the absence of the occupant and the rental of a small part of the owner-occupied flat, for example within the framework of “home sharing” models, are exempt from approval.”

“We welcome the fact that the City of Frankfurt is now establishing rules to enable residents of Frankfurt to rent out their homes while away on business or leisure. We seek to continue working with the City of Frankfurt to ensure that the legal framework, the changing lifestyles of residents and the outward-looking nature of the city are all done justice.”

Alexander Schwarz, Managing Director of Airbnb Germany.

Airbnb is used predominantly by private individuals – so-called “home-sharers” – who travel frequently for business or pleasure and wish to rent out their homes to travelers on an occasional basis. In addition to private accommodation, Airbnb also features commercial providers such as bed & breakfasts, boutique hotels or serviced apartments.

Airbnb works with cities and municipalities around the world to establish fair and up-to-date home sharing rules to reduce the administrative burden on both local authorities and hosts. To date, Airbnb has signed agreements with more than 340 cities and regions to automatically collect and deduct applicable tourist taxes through the platform. Airbnb signed a similar agreement with the City of Dortmund in 2017 and is confident that it will be able to reach similar agreements with other cities in the not-too-distant future, including with Frankfurt am Main.

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