New South Wales Government closer to fair rules for home sharing

Last week, the New South Wales (NSW) Government released its long-awaited Options Paper for Short-term Holiday Letting in NSW, bringing the state one step closer to fair and progressive rules for home sharing.

The move to replace the current confusing patchwork of rules that were written well before the internet existed is a welcome one. It also means Airbnb hosts in NSW are closer to having the clarity and certainty they so desperately need, just like in South Australia and Tasmania.

The Options Paper recognises that home sharing has delivered significant economic benefits to Australia, but has also created some isolated challenges. Some of the options put forward, like better education and cracking down on the rare instances of bad behaviour, are fair and sensible. While others, like caps or bans, are retrograde and unnecessary. These excessive options will limit the right of people to share their own home in a responsible and respectful way, as well as make it more expensive for families to travel.

The Airbnb host community and the countless people in NSW who support home sharing want to see the NSW Government put in place smart rules that get the balance right between protecting the rights of people who want to share their home, while preserving the safety and amenity of the local community.

The NSW Government has asked for public input, and Airbnb is determined to work with the local host community to ensure their voice is heard loud and clear by their elected representatives.

Airbnb looks forward to working closely and collaboratively with the NSW Government in the coming months to finalise a set of fair and progressive rules for home sharing in NSW.

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