New study shows women hosts are the driving force behind Airbnb in Italy and abroad

This week marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s achievements from the political to the social. Airbnb is supporting IWD 2017 with rom around the world.

Women hosts are leaders in the home sharing community. Data shows that, historically, women hosts have outnumbered men and, today, we estimate that over one million women are sharing their homes on Airbnb. Since Airbnb was founded in 2008, women have earned more than $10 billion on the platform.

In Italy, there are 83,622 women hosts, representing 54% of the entire Airbnb host community. These are hosts like Giuliana and Maria Grazia, who share their homes in Milan and in Rome.

Giuliana Ubertini is a freelancer living in Milan and is part of Rete al Femminile, a woman’s professional network. Giuliana travels a lot for work and sees herself as a creative nomad. She’s had to frequently move home because she can’t afford the cost of living in Milan and the rent she also has to pay when she’s working away from home. Airbnb has enabled her to rent a big house in Milan, the home she’s always dreamed of, without having to give up her business trips. Giuliana loves hosting people from all over the world and many of these guests have become great friends.

Apulian by birth, Maria Grazia Caiafa has been living in Rome for many years. In 2013 she became a host for social and financial reasons. Her salary was not enough to make ends meet and she needed extra income to support the launch of her own business. Thanks to Airbnb, and the support of her family, the gamble of starting out on her own has been a great success. Maria is one of the 6% of Italian women hosts that uses their income from Airbnb to support a new business. She shares her home in the suburbs of Rome with guests and though she is not in the city center, guests love to stay there because they feel at home. Maria Grazia plays a key role as a leader in the Airbnb community in Rome and often speaks out on behalf of the home sharing community here.

Italian data

In Italy income made by a typical woman host is 2,368 Euros a year. 17% of women hosts uses the money they make to pay the bills while working part-time. 6% of women hosts uses Airbnb income to support entrepreneurship for themselves.

Rome and Milan host two of the largest Italian communities of hosts, respectively representing 54% and 55%. In Rome 21% of women use Airbnb to support themselves while working part-time and the typical income they make is 5,000 euros per year; in Milan women earn an average of 2,118 euros per year and their presence grew 13 times larger since 2012. Discover more about this study and Airbnb undertaking for gender equality by clicking here.

Women are amazing every single day: we are happy to celebrate them today on International Women’s Day as we continue to fiercely promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world.

Are you a woman who hosts on Airbnb, would you like to meet others, or you are thinking about becoming one? Get to know the community through the Community Center or join the activities of your local Home Sharing Club.

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