New tools available to Canadian Airbnb hosts during tax season

Airbnb is leading the way in responsible hosting and tax compliance in Canada. With more than 55,000 hosts nationwide, everyday Canadians are embracing home sharing as a way to earn modest, supplemental income to help pay their bills.

With tax season in full swing, Airbnb is launching two new initiatives that will help hosts comply with local tax rules and contribute to their communities.

Building upon the leadership of the Ontario government, who partnered with Airbnb on a pilot project last year to raise awareness about homeowners’ and consumers’ rights and responsibilities when offering or booking online accommodations, this year, Airbnb is emailing tax reminders to all Airbnb hosts in Canada from coast-to-coast.

These notices provide important information to our hosts, including a summary of their annual earnings through the Airbnb platform and links to relevant government websites with helpful tax compliance information.

Airbnb is committed to working with governments around the world to help hosts pay their fair share of taxes and contribute to their local communities. By providing hosts with easy access to this information, Airbnb is supporting Canada Revenue Agency’s efforts to enhance education and outreach to participants in the sharing economy.

To further support our hosts, Airbnb is launching a new partnership with H&R Block, to help Airbnb hosts file their tax returns in Canada and pay income taxes on the money they earn from sharing their space.

Under the new partnership, H&R Block will offer discounted tax preparation services to Airbnb hosts and a range of educational materials and services to people who share their space with travellers.

H&R Block will provide a 15 per cent discount on in-person tax preparation services at participating H&R Block retail tax offices, and a 20 per cent discount off any H&R Block online upgrade products, for Airbnb hosts who use the service before May 15, 2017.

Hosts can get the information they need to receive these discounts by clicking here:

H&R Block will also:

  • Feature tax guidance for home sharers on the H&R Block website.
  • Highlight services and support for Airbnb hosts, as well as tax issues relevant to hosts, through H&R Block’s electronic newsletter and blog.
  • Provide educational materials on Airbnb hosting and tax obligations to H&R Block’s retail tax offices across the country.

Note: Airbnb’s presentation of H&R Block is not an endorsement. Tax advice is complicated and you should do your own diligence when receiving advice. Airbnb is not responsible for any tax or other advice provided by any outside entity.