Around the world, travellers choose Airbnb to enjoy unique experiences in local homes beyond tourist hotspots. In Norway, Airbnb guests have been able to discover the country’s natural richness in the fjords and to explore iconic cities such as Oslo and Bergen in an authentic way. Hosts from around the country are open to home sharing and are keen to welcome guests, with arrivals growing year-on-year. Home sharing helps spread tourism across Norway and by doing so, it provides economic benefits to local communities and families.

kr19,800 Annual earnings for a typical host

25 Nights hosted per year for a typical listing

17,700 Hosts who have hosted in the past year

Norwegian families earn almost kr 600 million sharing homes on Airbnb

Today, we have released a study highlighting the economic and social benefits of travel using Airbnb for local families and their communities. It shows that 671,000 people have travelled to Norway via Airbnb in the past year, helping spread tourism benefits beyond hotels and tourist hotspots to the places local residents call home.

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Norway embraces the sharing economy

A commission appointed by the Norwegian government recently released a report which showcases the positive impacts of the sharing economy.

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