Hosts support favourite local businesses in Sydney

Airbnb hosts act as local guides in their neighbourhoods and are powerful ambassadors for their cities, providing valuable insight into their community.

Hosts provide unique travel experiences but also help to spread the economic benefits of tourism wider than ever by attracting new visitors who stay in more places, stay longer and spend more. Their guests help broaden the impact of tourism through spending money, often supporting small businesses off the beaten track in cities worldwide.  According to a recent Deloitte Report, in one year, guests spent $753 million in New South Wales.

Airbnb’s small business program reinforces the benefits home sharing brings to small business, including through community partnerships and shopfront stickers. The sticker recommendation program was born from an idea put forward by home sharing clubs to help spread the word about their favourite local shops and cafes. Hosts were provided with official stickers for the businesses they recommend to their guests, which can be placed on display in the business’ front window.

East Side Business Chamber

The Sydney Home Sharing Club partnered with #EastSideSydney, a group of local business chambers, to connect local small business owners with local Airbnb hosts, and to continue to expand the great work of travelers exploring and supporting the local business community. #EastSideSydney  is an initiative of Surry Hills Creative Precinct, Darlinghurst Business Partnership and Potts Point Partnership .

Hosts and local businesses heard from Airbnb’s VP of Product, Joseph Zadeh, about new ways Airbnb is empowering local entrepreneurs with Airbnb’s new product called ‘Experiences’

Stephan Gyory (President, Darlinghurst Business Partnership) and Jimmy Saruchera (President, Surry Hills Creative Precinct) with Joseph Zadeh, VP Product, Airbnb

The event also linked local hosts and small business owners to discuss how Airbnb host recommendations can be powerful for top local eateries and businesses.

Stephan Gyory from #EastSideSydney and President of the Darlinghurst Business Partnership said:

“​When we learned about the Airbnb ‘Experiences’ program we saw immediately that this would be a way for our local businesses to connect with the many visitors staying with Eastside Airbnb hosts. We are excited to be the first group able to present this program to the local business community.”

Mehdi, an Airbnb host who attended the event said:

“Airbnb guests traveling from all around the world are looking to experience our life as a local. Therefore, they highly value Airbnb host recommendations on where to go and what to do in our city. That takes their trip beyond living in a typical dwelling but also makes them feel like they already belong here as soon as they check-in.

“When they actually arrive, we offer them a tour of their new immediate surroundings and we also kindly suggest that if we have time, we could go out all together and enjoy a drink or a bite in one of our favourite places.”

Airbnb host Mehdi

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