One Host, One Home: San Francisco

Starting on November 1, we will implement a product change aimed at ensuring hosts are only posting listings at one address in San Francisco.

This formal product update is a continuation of the policy we announced back in April 2016 which outlined our commitment to removing commercial operators from the platform in San Francisco. Since April, we’ve removed 213 entire-unit listings and 525 shared spaces or so-called ‘hacker hostels’ from our platform. Additionally, 180 entire-unit listings, belonging to hosts with multiple listings, voluntarily came off the platform in response to our policy.

This product change will only apply to new listings created on or after November 1 and will not apply to existing listings. Our Market Quality team will continue outreach to hosts with listings at multiple addresses and direct them to visit our Help Center Article explaining our policy and process for requesting exemptions for certain permitted listings.

The vast majority of Airbnb hosts in San Francisco are hard-working, middle-class residents who use their extra space to address economic inequality. Home sharing is also an economic boon to the City, driving over $338 million in economic impact to the city, including $107 million spent by guests at restaurants, mostly in neighborhoods outside downtown.

We remain committed to working with City leaders on home sharing rules that allow everyday people to continue sharing the home in which they live, while protecting the City’s affordable housing stock and driving visitor dollars to neighborhoods outside downtown. There is a better way to regulate this new activity, and we look forward to working with City staff, our host community, and other advocates to get it right.

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