One year since the housing law came into full effect:

A year ago, the Berlin housing law was tightened and came into full effect, harming regular Berliners. The law is unclear — with many Berliners still unsure whether they can share their entire home.

Together, we have tried to convince politicians in Berlin that the law needs to be changed to differentiate between professional operators and home sharers. You have spoken to politicians, founded Home Sharing Clubs across the city and shared your home sharing stories. This is what you have achieved:

  • 546 home sharers have met with politicians
  • 290 members have joined Home Sharing Clubs
  • Von Dassel (Green Party, Mayor of Mitte) speaks about the collateral damage caused by the housing law.

Thank you for taking a stand for home sharing over the last year. Every email sent to politicians and every meeting we have brings us one step closer to our goal: fair and clear regulations for home sharers in Berlin.

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