Online host registration system launched in San Francisco

Earlier this year, Airbnb reached an agreement with the City of San Francisco to implement a streamlined, online registration system that will make it easier for hosts to comply with the city’s short-term rental laws. This system, known as “Pass-Through-Registration,” is identical to the systems we implemented in New Orleans and Chicago earlier this year.

On September 6, 2017, we launched the online registration system for our host community in San Francisco. Hosts will be able to register their short-term rental with the city, obtain a business license, and pay the required fee all through the Airbnb website. For hosts who are already registered, we have provided an easy way to include a registration number on their listing.

Since 2015 the law has required each host be registered, but to date it has been a cumbersome process that many have struggled to complete. The new registration system simplifies the registration process for hosts and provides the city with all the necessary information to enforce current short-term rental laws. Once fully implemented—January 16, 2018—every host in San Francisco will be registered and in compliance with the city’s short-term rental laws.

We’ve implemented similar registration systems in other communities and remain committed to working with local leaders to implement sensible regulations that promote home sharing while protecting the city’s housing stock.

We look forward to working with the San Francisco Office of Short Term Rentals and city officials in the coming months to fully implement the registration system.

For more information about the registration process, please visit our FAQ page.

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