Opening up all of Ireland to the benefits of tourism

We’re releasing an Ireland Insights Report today to show how hosts and guests on the Airbnb platform are collaborating to enjoy, support and explore Ireland. The report illustrates the positive role Airbnb is playing to help open new tourist corridors to the Ancient East and beyond as hosts and guests champion local neighbourhoods, spreading the benefits of tourism far beyond city centres to towns far and wide.

While Airbnb is a worldwide platform – with listings in 191 countries – the Ireland Insights Report shows just how popular Ireland is. Between November 2016 and November 2017 approximately 1.2 million people travelled in Ireland using Airbnb, with guests choosing between 22,800 active listings on the platform. Options ranged from entire lighthouses on the coast to family-friendly barns, along with spare rooms in cool centrally located city pads and history-laced townhouses in suburbs.

Here are a few key findings:

  • Guests and hosts on Airbnb contributed €506 million to Ireland’s economy
  • Guests and hosts outside of Dublin City and County generated €227 million in estimated economic activity
  • Approximately 1.2 million people used Airbnb to travel in Ireland
  • A typical host on the platform in Ireland earns €3,500 a year with listings booked approximately 37 nights a year
  • In Ireland, the average host has lived in their hometown for 26 years and is 45 years old
  • 89% of guests say they use Airbnb to visit Ireland for vacation and leisure
  • The Midlands region represents the second-fastest growth rate for total guest arrivals
  • The North West accounted for the region with the highest percentage of guests travelling as a family
  • The South East represented the highest percentage of guests staying with female hosts

Download the full report

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