Airbnb hosts welcome guests from around the world to Oregon for solar eclipse

When thousands of people travel to Oregon to view the total solar eclipse, Airbnb hosts will welcome visitors into their homes.

Airbnb is a people-to-people platform that was created during the Great Recession to help people around the world use what is typically their greatest expense, their home, to generate extra income. In addition to Airbnb hosts, local communities around the state benefit from increased tourism.

The following report looks at the positive economic impact the Airbnb community will have in communities in the path of the solar eclipse and the ways Airbnb can help cities host major events. Highlights include:

  • Helping Oregon accommodate more visitors. Airbnb is expanding the state’s lodging options without the need for expensive infrastructure: 88% of hosts who are booked for the eclipse are hosting for the first time.
  • Providing affordable options for visitors. The average nightly-per-room rate of booked listings in the path of the eclipse is $232.
  • Airbnb hosts earning valuable extra income. Airbnb hosts keep 97% of what they charge. Hosts in the path of the eclipse will earn $1 million that night. This is meaningful supplemental income that helps many hosts pay bills or save for their own vacations.
  • Eclipse viewers coming from around the world. Guests from 41 different US states and 26 countries are coming to Oregon listings in the path of the eclipse to see the event.

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