Our first Taiwan host leadership bootcamp in Taitung, Taiwan

On December 11, 2017,  24 community leaders from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung came together for the inaugural Taiwan Host Leadership Bootcamp. Each city community leader shared an overview of their local host community and their exciting vision for 2018. In addition, hosts learned about Airbnb’s vision for the new year and collectively launched the Co-Creation Hub – a local community that aims to organize city community events led and held by hosts.

The aim was to encourage our community leaders to energize their community, enable members to see a clear relationship between their daily hosting and organizational goals and develop a holistic plan to achieve their 2018 community goals.

Living like a local

We brought community leaders to an exciting two-day training session on goal setting, effective leadership, community mentorship and building brand spirit.

Hosts traveled to Taitung, in Eastern Taiwan, a city famous for its high mountains, rift valleys, and oceans. They wandered through a borderless natural classroom, experiencing the city’s beautiful landscapes and the pleasures of slow living. They also enjoyed a night at MATA, an Aboriginal style local B&B that offers authentic tribe culture experiences including local BBQ and dancing, where they were joined by the First Lady of Taitung County.

The boot camp also covered challenges on home sharing legitimization, best practices in different cities, interaction with local business owners and the first-hand experience of local tribe culture. Community leaders also met Andy Yang, Dream Travel Taiwan Association’s Director General, for an in-depth discussion on how to encourage more foreign travelers to visit  Taiwan.

The event was capped off with a Host Award and Pitch Night where Community Leaders teamed up with their own cities to brainstorm a variety of incredible ideas for the 2018 Co-Creation Hub. Gina Tsai, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy in Taiwan and Hong Kong, who also participated in the program, said, “I really appreciate all our hosts’ active participation and their love for our Taiwan community. They are the foundation of Airbnb.”

Our Taiwan community once again demonstrated its strong passion to build connections and deliver magical travel, reflecting Airbnb’s mission to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere – so the world is brought closer together.

What our hosts had to say

“From customised Airbnb swags and intensive workshops to cultural tribe experiences, I really appreciate Airbnb and all the leaders for the great journey.” – Dolly, Taipei Community Leader

“I think Host Award was the highlight of the boot camp. It allowed us to interact with other leaders from night to morning.” – Amau, Taichung Community Leader

”Although different host communities were set up at different times across Taiwan, it’s really helpful for young leaders to learn best practices from seniors with more experience, and demonstrate their energy and enthusiasm.” – Ding Man, Tainan Community Leader

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