Overview of the economic impact of Airbnb in Chicago

Executive Summary

Founded  in  August  2008,  Airbnb  is  a  community  marketplace  for  people  to  list  and  book accommodations  in  more  than  than  65,000  cities  around  the  world.  Airbnb  connects  travelers  to unique,  local  experiences.

Airbnb  hosts  in  Chicago  have  been  welcoming  guests  into  their  homes  over  the  past  eight  years. Hosts  have  formed  a  vibrant  community,  sharing  unique  experiences  with  travelers  from  around  the world.  The  following  document  shows  Airbnb’s  impact  on  the  city.  It  combines  proprietary  data  with the  results  of  a  survey  sent  to  Airbnb  to  guests  and  hosts  in  the  city.

Key highlights

Economic impact in 2016

Income earned by local households
Total economic impact generated in the past year
Median host earnings per year for hosts who have hosted for at least 12 months

“Every experience I’ve had through Airbnb has been amazing – wonderful homes, wonderful hosts, and the money I’m saving on accommodations allows me to experience things that I may not have been able to work into my trip budget otherwise. ” 

Louise, Airbnb guest in Chicago

Airbnb and tourism in Chicago

Total inbound guests
Guests for whom Airbnb makes them more likely to return
Average length of stay per guest

Learn more about the Airbnb community in Chicago and the powerful economic impact home sharing is having on the Windy City.

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