Panel discussion: Berlin politicians and experts agree that Berlin needs regulations in favour of home sharing

Last night, a panel of politicians and experts met to discuss the draft amendment of the Berlin misappropriation law. The discussion was organised by the Berlin Home Sharing Club. Members from the Berlin House of Representatives, Katrin Schmidberger (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen), Katalin Gennburg (LINKE), Christian Gräff (CDU) and Dr. Maren Jasper-Winter (FDP) sat on the panel.

Around 70 participants, including a large number of home sharers from all over Berlin, were in attendance, which once again highlighted the need for fair and clear regulations for home sharers.

You can watch the whole panel discussion here.

Panel participants and Berlin home sharers highlighted several times that the new rules should reflect the openness of the city of Berlin and should not place an additional burden on those looking to share their home, through complicated registration procedures or disproportionately high fines, for example.

Representatives from Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen, the CDU and FDP emphasized that Berlin citizens should be able to rent out their own homes to travelers without great administrative effort when they are away from home.

A legal expert on home sharing, Dr. Christian Eckart, explained the new law must also reflect that home sharers are allowed to let their homes for more than the 60 days proposed in the adjusted law. He referred to the rulings of the Berlin Administrative Court, which states that home sharers are only subject to approval if they share their home for 182 days or more a year. According to Dr. Christian Eckart, only if the new law allows individual cases to be regulated beyond the 60-day rule, can it be legally binding,.

Alexander Schwarz, Airbnb Managing Director Germany:

“We are pleased that Berlin wants to recognise home sharing within the new law. The great commitment of the Berlin-based home sharers shows that they want fair and clear rules that reflect their lifestyle. We will continue to work together with the city and policy makers in Berlin to create a framework that distinguishes between citizens of Berlin who share their homes and professional holiday operators.”

Images: Homesharing Club Berlin

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