Paris and Airbnb Pilot New Measures to Promote Responsible Home Sharing

Today we are announcing a new step in our partnership with Paris City Hall to promote responsible home sharing and help ensure hosting does not negatively impact the availability and affordability of housing in Paris – the number one city in the world for home sharing on Airbnb, with more people sharing their homes and travelling on Airbnb than any other city in the world.

Starting next week, Airbnb will work with City Hall to help hosts better understand and follow local home sharing rules. Any hosts who appear to be renting their space for more than four months or a space that is not their home, will receive a letter from City Hall – sent via Airbnb – reminding them to follow local home sharing rules. Home sharing rules will also be made more visible on the Airbnb website.

Speaking today, Jean-François Martins, Deputy Mayor for Tourism, said:

“Home sharing is a great opportunity to showcase the best of Paris and boost economic opportunities for local residents, but it cannot happen at the expense of affordable housing. I welcome the commitments made together with Airbnb. This represent a step towards more responsible short term rentals, complementing earlier projects, notably the collection of tourist tax. Now other companies and real estate agencies must take similar actions, to create a common move.”

There are more than 60,000 Airbnb listings in Paris. In France, the typical host earns an additional €2,000 by sharing their space for 26 nights a year. More than 40 percent of hosts say the additional income helps them stay in their home and 55 percent earn below the median household income in France. Hosts in Paris span all districts in the city and spread economic benefits beyond tourist hotspots to more Parisian families, communities and local businesses.

This is good news for everyone in Paris and France – we released a report last year showing home sharing in France had a total economic impact of more than €2.5 billion and supported more than 13,000 jobs across the country. We have also partnered with Paris to simplify the payment of tourist taxes for Airbnb hosts, and last January remitted almost €1.2 million in tourist tax revenue on behalf of hosts in the first three months since the new arrangements started in October 2015.

In the Community Compact, we pledge to work together with cities to promote responsible home sharing and take action on local housing concerns. We are proud to work with Paris to make good on these commitments and to continue our long-term partnership to support regular people who share their homes and the best of Paris with guests from around the world.

You can view more details on today’s announcement in this press release.