Paris: positive results for automatic capping

Last January, after a sustained dialogue with local political officials in Paris, Airbnb voluntarily put in place an automatic and targeted tool capping the maximum annual duration of bookings on the site to 120 nights. This concerns only entire homes, located in the central districts of Paris (75001, 75002, 75003 et 75004), except if the host has the authorization to book more. Four months after its institution, this solution is already bringing positive results.

Since last January, the number of homes having been booked beyond the limit of 120 nights over the year 2018 has almost been reduced by half. Indeed, 42% of homes that were rented more than 120 nights last year are no longer offered on Airbnb.

Not all homes in the neighborhood are  affected by this capping, and some still have the right to rent more than 120 nights a year :

  • Tourism professionals (hotels and guest houses)
  • Second homes who made the change in use
  • Homes dedicated to mid-term bookings (more than 90 days)

Positive experimentation

However, this measure can only be fully efficient in Paris if every home sharing platform agrees to introduce it. Otherwise, the automatic capping of bookings simply encourages the lessors to use other means to offer their home beyond the legal threshold.

A result of the collaboration between Airbnb and several political officials in Paris, this measure is clear and efficient. Contrary to the undifferentiated registration of Parisian hosts, the initiative of capping does not impose any necessary steps for the hosts who share their principal residence, and encourages the sharing economy, without additional cost for public authorities.

This is why we wish to continue the discussions with the authorities and the other platforms and actors of the home sharing sector, in order to generalize this solution in Paris.

In London, where we have successfully put in place the automatic capping of bookings since the start of 2017, only 7% of accommodation rented as furnished tourist accommodation now exceeds the local limit, compared with a quarter of accommodation at the beginning of 2017. Only duly authorized professionals can rent accommodation all year round on Airbnb. The London City Council has welcomed the initiative, and has since invited other furnished rental platforms to implement similar measures.

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