Paris France


Paris is now the number one city in the world for home sharing on Airbnb. More Parisians share their homes and travel on Airbnb than any other city in the world. Paris was also the first city in France where Airbnb started to collect tourist tax on behalf of hosts. We want to continue to work with City Hall to promote responsible tourism  and help ensuring it does not hurt the availability and affordability of city housing. Airbnb encourages policy-makers in the city to keep pay attention to the many Parisians who depend on home sharing income.

60,000+ Airbnb listings

1.6M guests arrivals in the last year

4 nights average length of stay

New study shows women hosts have earned €10 billion on Airbnb

On this special day, we are proud to celebrate our global community of women hosts, and we are committed to supporting women around the world in their journeys at home and abroad. In France, 59% of hosts are women and the typical annual income is about 2,070€

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Our commitment to solutions that work in Paris

Home sharing brings great benefits to Paris. It helps grow and diversify tourism, and spreads guests and benefits beyond hotel districts to Parisian families and their communities. The typical host earns €2,100 by renting their space for 33 nights a year, and in 2016 alone, the Airbnb community generated more than €1.6 billion of economic activity in Paris.

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