New Poll: Parisians back home sharing and reject registration proposals

Today we are highlighting new polling data that shows Parisians think home sharing is good news for the city and helps boost earnings for local families.

New results also show almost twice as many Parisians back new automated hosting limits proposed by Airbnb over the complex registration system being discussed by policymakers.

The new polling data shows:

  • Almost three quarters of Parisians agree that Airbnb is good news for Paris by helping local families boost their income.
  • Almost twice as many Parisians favour new automated hosting limits over the proposed registration system currently being discussed by policymakers.
  • Almost three quarters of Parisians think the proposed registration system for home sharing is too complex and will be difficult for regular people to navigate.

The new polling data follows the commitment we shared last month to help build a better Paris for everyone by introducing new automated hosting limits.

The new limits – similar to policies introduced recently in London and Amsterdam – would help ensure entire homes listed on Airbnb are not shared for more than 120 nights a year, unless hosts have the required permission to share their space for longer.

We believe this solution will help address local housing concerns in Paris, and is cheaper, simpler and more effective than the proposed registration system being discussed by policymakers.

In contrast, it is unclear how the registration system currently being discussed would help families share their homes responsibly or address local housing concerns. The system would come at great cost to local taxpayers and add unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy for everyone – including local families and City Hall.

We want to be good partners to Paris and work together on progressive solutions to local challenges while supporting families, communities and local businesses that benefit from home sharing. We firmly believe our proposals are in the best interests of everyone in this great city and hope we can work together to make them a reality. 

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