Latest News:

This time last year, we announced an agreement with the City of Amsterdam. The collaboration, which was the first of its kind in Europe, saw Airbnb and the City of Amsterdam work together to provide people who share their homes with clearer and more accessible information on home sharing rules, to simplify the payment of tourist taxes and work together to tackle illegal hotels.

Today – one year later – we’re delighted to announce that this collaboration has been extended for another year and that we will continue working together to promote clear, simple and responsible home sharing rules in Amsterdam.

Today’s announcement is good news for everyone in Amsterdam who wants to share their homes and their communities with guests from around the world. Home sharing helps grow and diversify tourism in the city and helps guests experience life like a local in communities beyond the city centre. Home sharers also help spread tourism, bring tremendous economic benefits to the city, attract new visitors to communities and local businesses beyond the traditional tourist hotspots. Earlier this year, we also announced that we are on track to remit €5.5m in tourist tax to the City of Amsterdam on behalf of our community, as a result of the progressive tax measures introduced last year.

Amsterdam is an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking City, and we are proud to be working together with authorities to promote progressive rules to benefit everyone in this great city. Amsterdam is a great example of how Airbnb and cities can work together to help regular people follow the rules and pay their fair share, and we are excited to extend this productive relationship and to continue working together to promote innovative forms of tourism in Amsterdam.