Playing a positive role during the Cape Town water crisis

More than 110 hosts got together last week in Cape Town to talk about how the Airbnb community can help during the water crisis.

Representatives from Cape Town Tourism and the City of Cape Town came along to speak about the current situation and working together to overcome it. It was a great night where tips were shared, ideas swapped and plans made that should make a big difference.

With more visitors expected in the coming months, it is really important that hosts and their guests have all the tools they need to play a positive role. At the meetup, hosts discussed ways to communicate water restrictions to guests, water saving ideas, and where to go for more information

Also, expert water saving homesharers shared their stories. Steve and Kim from the Southern Suburbs explained how they used a local spring for drinking water and big tanks to collect rain water. They even got their entire apartment block to half their water consumption through these tactics and more! By encouraging her visitors to live like a local Alison gets them to participate in water-saving through doing things like using their shower water to flush toilets and watering her plants with wastewater. Inspiring stuff!

Another great way hosts can make a difference is using water saving shower heads in their listings. Airbnb has partnered with Wesgro to give out shower heads as part of a special water-saving pack to some of the most active hosts in our community. Get involved and sign up for yours now while stocks last.

With hosts empowered to save water like this, the Airbnb community can play its part in fighting the drought. By the end of the night there was a whole crowd ready to get stuck in, put ideas into practice, and share tools with others. You can read up on saving water in the home here.

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