A positive lookback on our six-month partnership with the Canton of Zug

In July 2017, we signed an agreement with Zug Tourism to automate the collection of occupancy taxes via the Airbnb platform.

Zug is the first Swiss canton to introduce the automated collection of occupancy tax. The canton has also witnessed a significant increase in the number of bookings via the Airbnb platform. 7,631 bookings were made in the Canton of Zug from 1 July through to 31 December 2017.

The first six months has been very successful and both parties reflect on this reliable and pleasant partnership.

According to Seraina Koller, Managing Director of Zug Tourism, the increase in bookings via Airbnb  comes as no surprise:

“Travel behavior has become more individual, flexible and transparent in recent years. The supply of overnight accommodation has therefore adapted to demand. Airbnb’s choice of accommodation meets travelers’ needs for authentic accommodation, different space conditions and specific accommodation locations. Nevertheless, the relationship between overnight stays in the hotel industry and those via Airbnb has to be put into perspective. The Canton of Zug registers around 300,000 overnight stays in hotels every year. If you calculate the overnight stays through Airbnb in one year, you get about 15,000. Thus the overnight stays via Airbnb make up 5% compared to the hotel overnight stays “.

Alexander Schwarz, General Manager Airbnb Germany, Austria and Switzerland says:

“In the last six months, people from all over the world have booked accommodation via the Airbnb platform with Zug hosts. The cooperation with Zug Tourism is an excellent example of Switzerland’s progressive approach to the opportunities offered by digitalisation for the benefit of its citizens. We would like to support all cantons in collecting tourist tax in order to reduce the bureaucratic burden for both the administration and hosts”.

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