Promoting Stays in Farming and Fishing Villages with San’in Tourism Organization to the World

Tokyo, October 24, 2017 — Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, has partnered with San’in Tourism Organization to encourage domestic and international travellers to visit the San’in region in Japan. This is the first such partnership between a Japanese Destination Management Organization (DMO) and Airbnb.

San’in Tourism Organization, as a San’in DMO, actively develops private and government relationships to work towards making “San’in” a world-class tourist destination. The global platform of Airbnb is used by more than 200 million guests, with more than five million travellers using rooms registered with Airbnb in Japan.

Through this partnership, San’in Tourism Organization and Airbnb aims to bring positive economic benefits to rural communities by developing, educating and supporting hosts located in rural areas such as farming and fishing villages to attract more tourists to the San’in region.

San’in Tourism Organization Representative Director Yoshiro Fukui described the significance collaboration with Airbnb as follows. “In March, a video introducing the beautiful scenery and appealing buildings of San’in published on Youtube and received 2.8 million views, and we became certain that we could highlight the appeal of San’in to a wider global audience. The diversity of the region and the unique appeal of its farming and fishing villages really can only be fully experienced and appreciated by actually staying there. By collaborating with Airbnb we can share the magic and appeal of San’in to a wider, more adventurous audience.”

Airbnb Japan Country Manager Yasuyuki Tanabe spoke of the outlook for the future, saying, “Experiencing local life through interactions with the local people when you travel enhances travelers’ memories because they gain a deeper understanding of their destination. San’in has beautiful farming and fishing village scenery, and a way of life that is deeply rooted in the land. By collaborating with San’in Tourism Organization, we hope to communicate the appeal of these yet to be discovered rural farming and fishing communities. Moreover, by using existing resources to increase the appeal of and interaction with in the region, which faces an aging and diminishing population, like many other regions in Japan, we hope to contribute to stimulating and revitalising the region in any way we can.”

The two organizations will discuss and create a regional collaboration framework for providing basic training to promote support for new internet platforms including Airbnb and enable accommodation providers to accept travelers as guests, with the personnel from both organizations engaging in specific initiatives such as marketing campaigns.

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