Q&A: How do I apply for Community Tourism Programme support?

How do I apply for Community Tourism Programme support?

To apply for support, the first step is for you to introduce your organisation and your big idea. Airbnb will accept Letters of Interest at [email protected] from 15 June through 4 August, 2017. Letters of interest must be in English. In the subject line of the email, please include geography and Project name (e.g. Munich; Summer Festival). On 29 September, 2017, Airbnb will then invite short-listed Projects to submit full Applications.

What should I include in my Letter of Interest?

Letters of Interest should be no more than two pages of A4 in length and should include a broad description of the Applicant’s visionary idea, how it meets the Community Tourism Programme’s goals, and a projection of community impact. Letters of Interest must also:

  • Indicate what category you are applying for: Placemaking, Innovation, or Festivals and Events
  • Specify eligibility, including the lead Applicant’s name and address, trade registration number of company, charity or non-profit organisation if applicable, and name details of principal or senior officers of the organisation
  • Specify amount of funding requested
  • Introduce all key collaborators, including city agencies and any private-sector groups involvedDetail project scope and time period for the project to be concluded

What types of projects will Airbnb be interested in hearing about?

Who will be eligible to submit a full Application?

Airbnb will review Letters of Interest and will invite short-listed projects to submit full Applications starting 29 September, 2017. Applications must include in-depth descriptions of the organisation and the proposed initiative, the intended impact, project financials and implementation timeline. Organisations that can demonstrate additional public and institutional support in the form of a letter signed by a recognised public-sector agency will receive special consideration.

Who will select the successful Applications?

A cross-functional team at Airbnb, spanning our European and company leadership, will decide which Projects to support.

How much will Airbnb award to a single Project?

  • We remain open to ideas and opportunities and will exercise flexibility at our discretion
  • Proposals will be assessed on an individual basis, but we generally expect to offer financial support in three tiers: a) €10,000-25,000; b) €25,000-50,000; and c) €50,000-100,000
  • Projects must demonstrate existing levels of funding that match or exceed their application requests
  • Awards can be provided in single or multiple formats, whichever is best suited to the project, such as in the form of financial support, Airbnb coupons, or third-party services paid for by Airbnb
  • Airbnb reserves the right to require Applicants to evidence and certify the use of funds during and at completion of the Projects funded   
  • If there are any surplus funds remaining, Airbnb reserves the right to recall the funding and use within the programme to support other projects

What types of Projects will Airbnb decline to support?

  • Proposals coming from outside the The Council of Europe
  • Requests to cover ongoing operating costs
  • Projects that go against Airbnb’s mission of creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere and feel welcomed, respected, and appreciated for who we are, no matter where we might be
  • Projects that propagate a religious faith, or that are restricted to one religion or denomination; activities to propagate a political party or affiliation, or to support a political candidate; memorials
  • Requests to cover legal fees, authorisations or licensing requirements

Does the Application have to be for a new Project, or can it be for a Project already in progress?

Airbnb encourages all Applicants to submit new ideas for Projects that have the potential for positive impact on the community. However, Projects that are in development and have not yet been fully realised also will be considered.

Does the Project have to use the Airbnb platform in some way?

Airbnb encourages Applicants to look at how they can take advantage of the Airbnb marketplace to enhance their impact, including but not limited to these examples:

  • Considering how the Project could incorporate local hospitality specialities and provide for an experience that can be booked on the Airbnb platform
  • Considering how the Project could incorporate a social cause or activity which can be supported by bookings on the Airbnb platform

If my proposal is not accepted, can I reapply with a revision of the same proposal?

While we don’t want to preclude the possibility of a strengthened idea becoming eligible, Applicants should keep in mind that we are under no obligation to fund a proposal, and we will not be able to provide specific feedback on why a Letter of Interest or Application was not selected for the Community Tourism Programme.

When will Airbnb announce the next call for Projects?

Airbnb will announce the next open call for Projects in early 2018. At that time, Airbnb will share a full timeline.

To apply, submit a Letter of Interest between 15 June and 4 August, 2017 to [email protected]

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