Queen Signs Home Sharing into UK Law

Today is a momentous day for the Airbnb community as Her Majesty the Queen signed into law progressive new rules for London that ensure everyone in the UK is free to share their homes with guests from around the world. This is an exciting move that allows visitors to one of the world’s most iconic cities to experience it like the locals, while helping regular people to afford rising living costs and pursue their dreams.

The progressive new rules – contained in the UK’s deregulation act – reform a piece of 1970s era legislation and ensure that London residents are free to share their homes for up to 90 days a year without permission or registration.

Brandon Lewis, the UK Housing Minister, said:

“These were unworkable and outdated rules dating back to the long-gone, analogue days of the 1970s. Previously, London homeowners looking to make a bit of extra money and rent out their homes faced nothing but bureaucracy and red tape.

“So I’m pleased we’ve been able to update the rules for the digital age of the 21st century. Anyone looking to rent out their London home for a short period can now do so without having to pay for a council permit.”

Matt Hancock, the UK Business Minister, said:

“Platforms like Airbnb are empowering a generation of innovators and everyday entrepreneurs. They are disrupting the status quo and making sure consumers get the very best deal. We will back them all the way and continue to remove barriers to their success. This new law will unlock opportunities for this dynamic, growing sector and cements our commitment to be the world leader for the sharing economy.”

You can read more about the exciting news from London here.

The UK government has been a great advocate of the sharing economy and we are grateful for their support. They have again shown that they back their nation’s innovators – regular people who want to make a little extra money by sharing their homes while providing guests from around the world with a unique travel experience.

The UK joins a growing list of cities around the world that are embracing the sharing economy. While a few cities continue to implement heavy-handed, bureaucratic and anti-competitive rules for home sharing that are hard for regular people to follow, those cities are dwindling and will increasingly be shown to be out of touch with what is happening within their citizenry. The commonsense rules in London should serve as an example to them that true progress needn’t be feared, it should be embraced. These new rules are well thought out and carefully considered. They strike the right balance between preserving housing stocks, safeguarding against abuse and supporting the right of individuals to innovate and to use their homes as they see fit.

We look forward to working with other cities around the world on similar, progressive rules.

London hosts