Quickbooks and Airbnb partnership helps Queensland hosts with their tax needs

In July Airbnb hosts from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast attended local workshops hosted by Quickbooks and Crowe and Horwath tax accountants to help answer some questions about their tax obligations.

Crowe and Horwath Tax Accountants helped answer some general tax questions, while Quickbooks provided a demonstration on how hosts could utilise the Quickbooks App which is a handy tool to use in assisting hosts to lodge their tax returns.

The Quickbooks App gives hosts the ability to track profits, personal spending and even manage their receipts. This year, they’re offering a 70% discount exclusively for hosts.

Brisbane host, Romero, shares his experience: “The presenters had good knowledge of Australian tax law and answered the questions of the Airbnb hosts in a very easy way. As a bonus, Airbnb hosts were presented with the Quickbooks App, a platform to track expenses which makes it easier to do the tax return at the end of the financial year.”   

Geoff from Quickbooks with Sunshine Coast Hosts in Eumundi

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