Registration in Paris: all you need to know

With a few exceptions, Parisians who occasionally rent or wish to occasionally rent their listing must register the property with Paris City Hall. This process is simple and free and only takes a few minutes.

Follow these 6 steps to obtain and find out your listing’s registration number free of charge:

  1. Visit the dedicated Paris City Hall website.
  2. Create an account and fill in the requested information (you do not need to attach any documentation).
  3. You will then immediately receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email including a unique 13-digit registration number.
  4. Next, go to your host account on Airbnb. Click the section “Manage My Listing”, then the tab “Local Legislation”.
  5. Enter the number that you received by email in the field provided.
  6. Click “Save”. That’s it – you can now continue welcoming guests!

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On October 1, 2017, Paris implemented a registration process for hosts offering short-term rentals (see Paris City Hall’s decision of last July). This initiative affects most hosts in Paris. Below, you will find the answers to the main questions you may have about this new regulation.

How do I know if I need to register?

You need to register your listing if:

  • This listing is your primary or secondary residence
  • You are the owner or tenant of this listing
  • You are renting the entire place in your absence (renting a single room does not require registration).

You do not need to register your listing if:

  • You are renting a room within your primary residence
  • This listing is a dedicated tourist accommodation facility intended for use as a hotel (hotel, guesthouse, serviced apartment, etc.).
  • You are renting this furnished listing as medium-term accommodation, i.e. for a minimum of 90 consecutive days

What steps do I need to take to get my listing’s registration number?

This process is simple, free of charge, and only takes a few minutes on the Paris City Hall website. You do not need to attach any supporting documentation. You will receive your registration number by email a few minutes after submitting the completed questionnaire.

What information will I be asked for in order to get my listing’s registration number?

  • Your first name and surname, postal address and email address.
  • The postal address of your listing, the number of rooms available for rent, the number of beds
  • Whether or not it is a primary residence

You will not be asked about your status as an owner or tenant. You do not need to attach any documentation to support the information you provide. However, you will need to certify that the information you have supplied is correct.

Will Paris City Hall share my personal information with anyone else?

No. In accordance with personal data protection regulations, Paris City Hall does not transmit personal data gathered as part of the registration of a furnished tourist accommodation facility to third parties (other administrations such as the Internal Revenue Service, co-ownership property managers, owners, etc.).

Can my application for a registration number be denied?

No. Paris City Hall cannot refuse to register your listing.

What should I do if I rent out several listings in Paris?

If you rent out more than one listing, you must register each listing separately. You will then receive a registration number for each property that must be indicated in each listing.

I manage several listings on behalf of owners. Can I register these listings in their name?

Yes. Paris City Hall indicates on its website that “The declaration can be filed by any person wishing to rent out furnished tourist accommodation, or by their representative (i.e. a real estate agency, company, etc.)“.

What should I do with this number?

This number must appear in your listing. Once you receive it, you must enter it in the box provided in your listing on the Airbnb website.

In your host account on the Airbnb website, click the section “Manage My Listing”, then the tab “Registration”. Enter the number and click “Save”.

What do I need to do if I rent out a secondary residence in Paris?

In addition to registration, several steps are required before renting a furnished secondary residence for short-term periods, from the first day of the rental period onward. For more information, you can visit our Responsible Hosting pages.

Does Airbnb transmit personal data relating to my Airbnb account to Paris City Hall?

As part of the registration process, Airbnb does not share any personal user data with City Hall. If you would like information on how Airbnb may respond to requests from law enforcement authorities, including the disclosure of personal data, you can consult the following pages and our Privacy Policy.

What should I do if I have other questions about registering?

You can consult the dedicated City Hall website or contact them by email ([email protected]) or telephone (39 75). Alternatively, seek advice from a legal advisor or lawyer, for example by visiting the LegalPlace website.

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