Removing Unwelcome Listings in New York City

In November, we announced the Community Compact, which explained our commitment to helping cities address their unique housing challenges. In New York City we have sought to be a solution to the City’s specific long-term housing challenges by removing listings that do not reflect our vision for our community and we will continue to do so. Yesterday, in a letter to State legislators, we shared that since the Compact was announced in November we have removed approximately 1,500 listings that appeared to be engaged in unwelcome commercial activity — and are continuing to remove such listings.

Airbnb is an open platform. Listings come and go every day and we want to make it easy for people to share their space with travelers from around the world. We also want to promote people sharing permanent homes in New York City and we don’t want unwelcome commercial operators on our platform.

We are alerted to unwelcome commercial activity by examining a series of factors including:

  • The number of listings controlled by a host.
  • The quality of the listing, as measured by the features and amenities provided by the host.
  • The number of nights a listing is shared.
  • Guest reviews and the type of experience the host provides.

If a host has listings removed from our community and later attempts to list space in New York City on Airbnb, we will suspend the host’s account while we investigate.

Moving forward, we are looking at additional technical changes we can make to help ensure our platform in New York City promotes people sharing only permanent homes. As that work continues, we will continue to remove listings that appear to be controlled by commercial operators and do not reflect Airbnb’s vision for our community. We’ve removed listings from our community in New York before and we won’t hesitate to do so again.