Report: Airbnb, Housing and the Crescent City

New Orleans’ continued growth and prosperity depends on ensuring neighborhoods remain inclusive and affordable for all residents. We believe home sharing is an economic engine that helps many New Orleanians take what is typically their greatest expense — owning a home — and turns it into a way to make ends meet.

We want to work collaboratively with elected and community leaders in New Orleans to create fair, effective and common sense rules for home sharing.

To comprehensively understand the impacts of the Airbnb community in New Orleans, our team of data scientists analyzed recent Airbnb activity, publicly-available census and community survey figures and third-party data. We are pleased to share a new report that examines the benefits of home sharing in the Crescent City.

Our key findings include:
Most Airbnb hosts share their permanent homes and do so in large part to keep their living costs affordable: 64% of Airbnb hosts in NOLA are sharing space in their own home and 65% use their income from Airbnb to help make ends meet.

The supplemental income hosts earn is an economic lifeline: Based on survey data, an estimated 400 hosts in New Orleans say Airbnb has helped them avoid foreclosure or eviction.

Entire home listings encompass a broad and diverse range of home sharing activity: Hosts that have had a trip in an entire home space – whether just for a weekend or with more frequency – comprise only 1.8% of all housing units in the City and include several types of units that would not otherwise be viable as long-term housing units.

Most entire home listings are shared only occasionally: 70% of entire home listings hosted short-term stays for fewer than 120 days in the past year, and “full-time” entire home listings on Airbnb represent only 0.06% of the City’s total housing stock, and 4% of Airbnb’s current listings.

We appreciate the opportunity to share the real facts and benefits of home sharing, and look forward to continued dialogue with City and community leaders on how best to promote and regulate responsible home sharing in New Orleans.

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