Report: How home sharing opens doors to opportunity for immigrants

A new report from the National Immigration Forum, a leading immigrant-advocacy group, offers real-life examples of how home sharing is providing immigrants with a new avenue of resources they may otherwise lack—resources they can use to start a business, advance their education, improve their home, pay their bills and even travel back to the home country they left.

The report, which profiles eight immigrant Airbnb hosts and their families living in the Chicago, Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas, notes that hosts in majority-immigrant neighborhoods in these three cities alone have earned over $24 million sharing their homes on Airbnb, and that these neighborhoods have seen 65-percent growth in active Airbnb listings in the past year.

The three cities that are the focus of the study were chosen because of their strong immigrant histories, and most of the hosts were selected because they live outside their city centers, in more suburban neighborhoods such as Sherman Oaks, California; Staten Island, New York; and the Uptown community in Chicago. Read the report to learn more.

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