Report: New Orleans residents continue to embrace home sharing

Since 2009, New Orleans residents have been welcoming guests into their homes on Airbnb.

In a place celebrated for its vibrancy and hospitality, it’s no surprise that so many in the Crescent City have embraced home sharing. For hosts, home sharing has helped thousands of middle class residents take what is typically their greatest expense – their home – and turns it into a way to generate supplemental income. For guests, home sharing has democratized travel and facilitated a more authentic experience that is closer to local businesses that haven’t always benefited from tourism and hospitality.

The collective impact of this activity makes New Orleans stronger.

$150M Economic activity generated by Airbnb guests in New Orleans

71% Proportion of Airbnb income used for typical household expenses like rent/mortgage, bills, & savings

84% Guests for whom Airbnb definitely makes them more likely to return to New Orleans

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