Roma Community: Airbnb hosts recommend their favorite shops

La Roma is one of the most popular areas for visitors in Mexico City, who enjoy exploring  its streets, restaurants and shops. Airbnb hosts know this and recognize the importance of their recommendations. This is why they visited and met with the owners of some of their favorite places in the latest Merchant Walk.


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Biergarten” opened its doors around 4 years ago, with Mercado Roma, the larger venue where its located. Its style is completely German, with large tables where you can sit with your group friends and spend the afternoon having fun and drinking a few beers. Even though it has a German feel, “Biergarten” has been able to localize its style by offering Mexican food and a wide variety of cocktails. They have also become an important venue for their community hosting events like the International Beer Day, Oktoberfest, and soccer table tournaments.


El Parnita

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Paulino’s family started “El Parnita” 10 years ago. It’s specialty is Mexican food based on family recipes that have been handed down from one generation to another.  The restaurant began as a simple stand in a southern part of Mexico City. 18 months later, the family had the opportunity to move it to La Roma and today, clients enjoy the best experiences a postmodern “fonda” can offer.  For the past 5 years the family has been traveling throughout Mexico, visiting farmers and shopping for the most natural produce and corn in the market.



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Escollo’s story begins in 2010, when the owners started producing beer in the basement of their home. “Our story may be brief but we’re doing what we like most, creating new beer products that combine the best balance between old traditions and new alternatives.”


La Burguesa

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La Burguesa’s speciality is hamburgers. The menu includes the classic burger to the most extravagant one you can imagine. A perfect balance of ingredients is what has made “La Burguesa” a local favorite and even though their menu is small, the quality and taste of its products make up for it. Their greatest hits are definitely the line of desserts with the Maria cookie and Gansito ice creams taking the most praises.


La Llorona Cantina

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This canteen opened its doors to the public 10 months ago at the border of Roma and Condesa. The owners and chef are natives from the state of Oaxaca and wanted to find a way to connect everything related to their region with a canteen. Its name comes from a popular song called “La Llorona”. Their specialté is Mexican Gin which is inspired on one of the country’s typical breakfasts “Huevos al Gusto” (Eggs as you please). In other words, you can prepare your own Gin cocktail with any or all of the ingredients you like most.  


“Our service has always been from, by and for our clients. Mi casa es su casa”

Mauro Alejandro, La Llorona Cantina

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