Rome hosts visit Amatrice to support the community hit by the earthquake

A group of hosts from the Rome Home Sharing Club visited Amatrice, a village seriously affected by last year’s earthquake.

Hosts visited the small shops in town, supporting them and buying local specialties from them. Amatrice did, in fact, give birth to the renowned recipe of pasta all’amatriciana. 

In town, you can find delicacies such as cheek lard, lentils, chestnuts, cheeses and honey. Hosts also attended the opening of a ceramic shop that was reopening after the earthquake.

They had lunch at Area Food, a village featuring eight restaurants conceived by Stefano Boeri Studio Architects as a new starting point, a location where the community can gather and start over.

Hosts had lunch at “Il Castagneto”, where they tasted the famous amatriciana and met Luigi, the owner, and his grand-son Christian: they’ll soon come visit Rome as their guests.

Hosts are bringing together the Airbnb Italian community to support the local shops here and introduce Amatrice to travelers that are visiting the Lazio Region.

“Amatrice needs everyone’s help right now. During our visit the feeling of despair due to the town’s conditions was overcome by people’s warm welcome. We are committed, as a host community, to follow up on this initiative and provide ongoing support” – says one of the hosts, Antonella.

By visiting the Amatrice municipality website it is possible to contribute to the fundraising efforts that supports the town’s reconstruction.

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