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As one of the world’s foremost travel destinations, Rome features home sharing with the unique flair of Italian hospitality. With guest figures growing year on year, bringing much-needed tourism to the city and spreading benefits to businesses, local communities and the economy, the home sharing community in Rome is building a grassroots movement to engage local leaders about how home sharing can continue to benefit The Eternal City.

9,900 people who hosted in the past year

758,000 inbound guests in the past year

€400M estimated guest spending at local businesses in the past year

Visit to the shops of Esquilino with Airbnb hosts

After San Giovanni’s, Monte Verde‘s and Monti‘s walks, the hosts of the Home Sharing Club in Rome explored the Esquilino neighborhood, leaving the “recommended by Airbnb hosts” stickers in some of their favorite shops.

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Rome’s hosts call for simple and clear rules on home sharing

Airbnb hosts from across Rome met to discuss the new Tourism law announced by the Lazio Region. Recent public opinion research revealed that 81 percent of Romans welcome the opportunity for people to share their homes.

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Strolling around San Giovanni neighborhood with Rome’s hosts

Airbnb hosts from Rome organized a Merchant Walk to support small shops in San Giovanni’s neighborhood. In each shop, they left “recommended by Airbnb hosts” stickers which shop owners proudly placed in their shop windows.

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New study shows women hosts are the driving force behind Airbnb

Maria Grazia has been living in Rome for many years. In 2013 she became a host for social and financial reasons. Her salary was not enough to make ends meet and she needed extra income to support the launch of her own business. Thanks to Airbnb, and the support of her family, the gamble of starting out on her own has been a great success. In Italy there are 83,622 women hosts, representing 54% of the entire Airbnb host community. Maria Grazia plays a key role as a leader in the Airbnb community in Rome.

Women hosts are leaders in the home sharing community

Hosts in Rome are committed to help homeless people

The Rome Home Sharing Club took action for another thoughtful project. Hosts collected food, blankets and Winter jackets to help the Sant’Egidio Community.

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Hosts Tackle Rome's Growing Garbage Problem

Airbnb hosts took action on the growing garbage collection problems and helped clean up the streets. It was inspiring to see so many hosts come together to demonstrate their commitment to Rome and keeping the city clean.

Hosts joined volunteers from "Retake Roma"