Rome’s hosts call for simple and clear rules on home sharing

Airbnb hosts from across Rome met on Tuesday April 4th to discuss the new Tourism law announced by the Lazio Region. The new rules state that residents in Lazio can share their homes with guests from around the world.

The meeting started with a recap of all the activities carried by the Rome Home Sharing Club. Among the topics, the opportunity for guests to discover less familiar sites in Rome thanks to their welcoming hosts’s tips; the importance of the holiday homes and tourism rentals rules included in the new law; the need of simplified rules demanded by the hosts that also ask for easier ways to comply with them.  

The new rules replace previously repealed laws which were introduced in 2015 and later quashed following an appeal by the Competition Authority. Massimiliano Smeriglio, Vice President of the Region Lazio, said: “We need to find a balance between on one side providing favorable micro-entrepreneurial possibilities, while on the other create a set of clear rules. Owners of one spare room or house wanting to share it to visitors has to be enabled to allow them to benefit from extra-income opportunities”.

“New, simple rules that avoid unnecessary bureaucracy for the owners who want to rent their homes for a short periods of time” said Matteo Stifanelli, Airbnb Italia Country Manager. “The work done by the Vice President of the Region Lazio, Massimiliano Smeriglio, on the new law is very important because it acknowledges home sharing –  which was earlier on neglected by the previous rules then ratified by the Administrative Court – and Rome residents’ needs.”

Recent public opinion research, conducted by DBR and commissioned by Airbnb, revealed that 81 percent of Romans welcome the opportunity for people to share their homes. The survey also showed that 56 percent are against further tightening of rules on home sharing in the Region.

Rome’s hosts

A recent study into the Airbnb communities impact  highlighted that in just one year 750,000 tourists visited Rome, staying with hosts across the city and spent €400 million in local businesses. Around 10,000 hosts welcomed visitors to their homes, earning more than €93 million. In Rome, the typical host earns €5,500 a year by sharing space in their home for an average of 50 nights.

Alessandra, an antiques restorer, was able to overcome the economic crisis and discover her hospitality skills by sharing her home in Pigneto; hosting helps Alessandra supplement her artisan income. Alessandro is a graphic designer and was able to invest in his dream startup thanks to the extra income he makes by sharing his home in the San Giovanni neighborhood.

It’s hosts like Alessandra and Alessandro who are calling for simple and clear rules to regulate home sharing in Lazio.


Lazio numbers

Airbnb helps disperse tourism across the country away from tourist hot spots. Guests travelling to Rome for example now have the opportunity to explore other gems in the Lazio region, such as the small village of Civita di Bagnoregio.

  • In 2016, 15,700 Airbnb hosts across Lazio welcomed guests into their homes
  • The average income for a typical Airbnb host in Lazio was €3,430 a year
  • There were 1.210.000 guest arrivals.

Rome Home Sharing Club

Rome’s hosts in the last few months have founded the Rome Home Sharing Club, a group that advocates for fairer home sharing rules and encourages members to take an active role in their local communities.

They have launched several community-based activities in order to promote small businesses and support their local neighborhoods, to keep the city clean, and to help other communities.

They have also organized several meetings to discuss how to make the home sharing community’s voice heard, how to support new hosts joining the platform and have hosted meetings to promote cultural events and the city’s hidden gems to guests coming to stay.

Hosts welcome the whole city — and its politicians — to join them on 4 April to discuss the future of home sharing in the Eternal City. You can register to join the event here.

Do you want to meet other hosts and speak out for home sharing? Join the Rome Home Sharing Club.

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