Rotterdam welcomes home sharing

Today we are pleased to share good news from Rotterdam, where the Council has adopted new rules that make it clear that people are free to share their homes with guests from around the world.

The new rules allow Rotterdammers to share their entire homes for a period of 60 nights per year and to maximum 6 people at the same time (maximum 8 people for bigger homes), which will allow families to visit Rotterdam as locals. They are also a great addition to the existing B&B rules which allow Rotterdammers to share vacant space in their home for the entire year.

Kees a host on Airbnb in Rotterdam, said:

“Welcoming guests from all over the world is fun and it creates an extra income, but for me there’s an extra reason to host on Airbnb. We need these Airbnb guests to support all the things that make our city great: events, festivals, concerts, museums. The city acknowledged this today with reasonable regulations that allow us to keep hosting.”

Jet a host on Airbnb in Rotterdam, said:

“Hosting is now legitimised as the city has adopted rules regarding home sharing. It is important for hosts that we continue to work together to promote responsible home sharing and welcome guests that support local businesses and make the city stronger. Hosts open their doors for guests because they are proud of their city and want to share this with visitors.”

Our community in Rotterdam is already bringing tremendous benefits to the city – in the past year, 1,300 Rotterdammers shared their homes and welcomed close to 70,000 visitors. The typical Airbnb host in the Rotterdam earned an additional €2,500 yearly by sharing their home occasionally.

We are pleased to see Rotterdam joining the growing list of European destinations that are embracing home sharing. We want Rotterdam to be an incredible place to live and to visit and the new rules are good news for local families who want to help towards that goal. They will also allow guests to benefit from unique accommodation in all corners of this amazing city. We look forward to continuing to be good partners to everyone in Rotterdam and across the Netherlands.

More information on the new rules for Rotterdammers who want to share their entire home will become available soon on the website of Rotterdam. More information on the rules for Rotterdammers who want to share vacant space in their home can be found here.

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