Roy’s Richmond District

Roy knows San Francisco like the back of his hand. Having grown up in the Richmond District, he’s able to make recommendations for his guests that are local and personal.

“[The Richmond District is] self-contained: it’s got restaurants, bars, movie theaters…and it’s not as foggy as people think.” Roy’s ideal day? A walk to Baker Beach with a coffee and the newspaper.

The neighborhood itself is home to San Francisco institutions, old and new. “Bill’s Place has been here since ‘59. Trad’r Sam’s has been there since the ‘30’s.” Blue Fin Sushi and Tia Margarita have become guest favorites. And the Hong Kong Lounge, he notes, always has a line around the block.


Guidebooks are a tool through which hosts can make local recommendations. In fact, in San Francisco, 77% of restaurants that appear on the city-wide Guidebook are located outside the traditional hotel districts.

Many of Roy’s guests are here visiting families of their own.

It’s a family neighborhood. Lots of families have been here forever, so there are a lot of ties to the area.

From hiking the Presidio’s trails, to the Clement Street Sunday farmer’s market, Roy recommends his guests explore the area’s open-air treasures as well.

With limited hotel options in this neighborhood, home sharing allows both hosts and guests to explore the outer neighborhoods of San Francisco.

[Hosting is] like being your own goodwill ambassador to the city… I get a nice feeling showing off the Richmond and San Francisco. [People] share experiences they might not otherwise have gone to.


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