Sacramento Goes All In On Home Sharing

Good news (scratch that, GREAT news): California (Sacramento, more specifically) has helped us take another huge step as a country that values and supports home sharing.

On January 20, 2016, California’s capital joined forward thinking cities across the U.S. that are embracing innovation and enabling middle class people to share their homes. In a unanimous vote, the Sacramento City Council adopted common sense home sharing legislation. This forward thinking approach to home sharing will not only empower Airbnb hosts in Sacramento to make ends meet, but also allow guests from all over the globe to experience a world-class city.

We want to thank Mayor Kevin Johnson and the City Council for their leadership and efforts to enact this legislation. There is no way this could have happened without their help, support and forward thinking. Our community looks forward to continuing to work to support Sacramento, a city that is very much on the move.

Click here to check out the Sacramento Bee article for additional information about this great step forward for home sharing in California’s capital.